English year 3 KBSR.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Greeting and Social Expressions :)

Assalamualikum students,how are you today? ready to start our new lesson?Alhamdulillah if the answer is 'yes' :)

So what do you think about the pictures below?
yes! absolutely correct the picture is talk about Malaysia Citizens,which is Malay,Chinese,Indian and many more..

We should greet each other to make our country more peaceful because the citizens is so friendly and respect each other :)

Deepavali : Indian
Chinese New Year : Chinese
Hari Raya Aidilfitri : Malay

During the festival,everyone will wear new clothes,cook delicious food,celebrate with family and the festival will be more interesting and colorful,this is Malaysian culture once a year,so what kind of festival that you celebrate with your family?List 3 things that you do during that day..
For example:
I celebrate Hari raya.
3 things that i do during Hari Raya is:
*Eat all delicious foods like rendang,ketupat and lemang.
*Wearing new clothes 
*Greet and forgive each other.

Cay you do the same things like me?good ^^

Then lets go to another celebrations,i will give you some pictures then i hope you can answer it at least 2/3 correct! You can refer dictionary if not sure the spelling,good luck :)

T _ _ _ H _ R'S  DAY.

I _ D _ PEN_ _ _ C E  DAY

B _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So students that's all for today,i hope you will understand about the topic that we learn today,see you later assalamualaikum :)


  1. cikgu,the first picture is, teachers day, second independence day, the third picture is.. hmmmm.. i think, the girl have a bad day la.. see, the word start with B, bad day..

  2. excellent!! but the last answer is not Bad day,it's BIRTHDAY :)