English year 3 KBSR.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Family :)

Salam my beloved students,today i would like to teach you about family :)
So you love your family or not? For sure we need to love them,appreciate and respect each other,don't talk bad with your parents and family members because ALLAH hate it so do I,now i will introduce you who is actually your family members :)

Father is leader in my family.
Father need to go work to support our family :) 

Mother is so kind.
She always take a good care about us :)

This is grandfather.
Grandfather always read a story before we sleep :)

Grandmother always cook delicious food everyday.
She also love sewing :)

This is Nora my little sister.
She is 7 years old,she is so cute :)

Danish is my brother.
He love to play football.

So students can you tell me about your family? see you again,assalamualaikum :)

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